Azure Notifications Hub

  • Send push notifications from any back end to any platform. The platform can be : 
    • IOS 
    • Android 
    • Windows universal 
    • Xamarin (ios, android and safari) 

And backend can be : 

  • Cloud 
  • On-premise locations 
  • Sample use cases” 
    • Push Breaking news  
    • Marketing campaigns 
    • MFA 

Resource Structure : 

  • Hubs – push resource 
  • Namespaces – collection of hubs in a region, can have prod and test hubs 

Pricing model : 

  • Free – not for production apps as there is no SLA. 500 devices and 1 mil pushes/namespace/month 
  • Basic – 200k devices, 10 mil pushes/namespace/month 
  • Standard – 10 mil devices, 10 mil pushes/namespace/month 

Pricing details are :  


  • Process atleast 1 mil push notification sends a min and can delay up to 10 mins because PNS might be throttling the app. Mostly within minutes. 

Security Model : 

  • uses SAS security model either at namespace level or notification hub level 
  • Encryption with data at rest except registration tags (dont use tags for confidential customer data) 
  • It can log all write operations like put, post and delete on any azure resource but not log read or get operation 

Limitations : 

  • Azure Notification hubs doesnt support VOIP push notifications 
  • Doesnt support email or text possibilities 

Other ways to achieve push notifications using SQL server : 

  • Query notifications 
    • Query Notification will push to a Service Broker service 
  • SQLDependency 
    • notorious for memory leak issues 
    • App needs to create SQLDependency object and register to receive notifications using onchangeventhandler 
    • Workflow is : 
      • Queue to stored all updated values 
      • Service broker to insert the messages into queue 
      • Table trigger for all DML operations to generate an XML message and use SB to insert into the queue system 
  • Service Broker 

Query notifications and SQLDependency have limitation that they will not push the data but alert that info has changed. 

Local datasets need be refreshed to get the updates. 

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