Azure Functions

Azure functions help to run code without worrying about setting up the infrastructure for it. 

  • Server less Computing means no infrastructure is needed as MS supports it 
  • Billing is Pay only for the usage and not for idle time i.e only the compute time 
  • It runs based on trigger which could be : 
    • HTTP request 
    • Blob insertion on a container 
    • Time being elapsed 
  • Azure functions were stateless initially but it changed with introduction of durable functions which utilize durable task framework 
  • Close sibling is logic apps 
  • Logic can be written in node.js, c#, f#, python, php, powershell, bat etc., or re-use npm or nuget packages without reinventing the wheel 
  • Foundation is webjobs SDK run time which is responsible for executing the code 
  • Uses similar framework as in Storage, Cosmos DB and service bus 
  • Can be developed in Azure portal and VS 
  • Similar to connectors in logic apps, azure functions have bindings which help connect with the data declaratively. This can be further extended by using webjobs SDK 
  • Security is handled using authorization keys 
  • Scalability is done thru : 
    • Consumption plan – auto scaling is handled by incoming events dynamically 
    • App service plan – can specify the number of dedicated VMs thru basic, standard, premium SKUs 
  • Automatic deployment is possible using ARM Templates 
  • Monitoring can be done by traditional tools like Log Analytics, Application insights and OMS (operations management suite) 
  • Key details needed to create an azure function:  
    • App name 
    • Subscription details 
    • Resource group 
    • Hosting plan 
    • Location 
  • If any IP address needs be whitelisted, this is can be recorded from “Outbound IP Address” field within platform features tab. 

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